Bhaktapur: An Enchanting Journey through Nepal’s Ancient City

Nov 17, 2023

Nestled in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, Bhaktapur is a city that exudes timeless charm and rich cultural heritage....

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The Lost Gates of Bhaktapur

Nov 2, 2023

It is said that there used to be gates in all eight corners of Bhaktapur which were believed to...

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Exploring the Most Beautiful Legacy of Nepal: The Lho Hiti (Stone Conduits)

Aug 4, 2023

Because there was always a systematic water supply system (Hiti) in the Kathmandu Valley, the people of Kathmandu Valley...

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Discovering Bhaktapur: Insights from a Local Tour Guide

Jul 28, 2023

Bhaktapur is a beautiful city in Nepal that is known for its unique sights, sounds and smells. It boasts...

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Exploring the Best Restaurants in London that Draw Inspiration from Bhaktapur Cuisine

Jun 29, 2023

London, the city that never sleeps and always eats! With a food scene that draws inspiration from every corner...

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Newari Suku Bhwey: the traditional way of having a feast

May 12, 2023

If you ever get invited to any typical Newari feast don’t turn the invitation down. You will regret the...

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Some Important Mahavihars of Bhaktapur

Apr 21, 2023

In the Kathmandu Valley, Vihars and Mahavihars have quite a distinct definition from the rest of the world. Mahavihars,...

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Things to consider while selecting hotels in Bhaktapur

Mar 30, 2023

Accommodation always has a significant role in our travel diaries. No matter where we are going, be it a...

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Experiencing Festivals and Celebrations of Bhaktapur: A Colorful and Vibrant Journey

Mar 10, 2023

Bhaktapur, the city of marvelous art and architecture, is somehow also popular for its vibrant festivals and celebrations. There...

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The Top 10 Must-See Historical Sites in Bhaktapur

Mar 2, 2023

Historical Background of Bhaktapur Bhaktapur is known as a historical city because it has played a significant role in...

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Thar system inside the Newa Community and Thar list : Newar cast system

Jan 31, 2023

“Thar,” the widely used term in Nepal Bhasa, is derived from a Prakrit term meaning “collection.” In the English...

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TEDx Bhaktapur

Jan 16, 2023

On September 3rd, 2022, an event with a limited number of listeners was held in Bhaktapur. The event was...

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