Heritage walk in Bhaktapur

Mar 9, 2022

Chyamasingha Walking could be fun if you choose to walk in such a place where every step amazes you....

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5 simple ways to make your Mahashivaratri more memorable

Feb 28, 2022

Yes, we understand that Mahashivaratri is all about worshipping Lord Shiva, fasting, and staying up all night lighting fire...

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Exploring thimi in a single day #part 3

Feb 20, 2022

Finally, we are in Bode! Bode, the place that I consider the mini version of Madhyapur Thimi (the main...

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Exploring Thimi in a single day #part 2

Feb 13, 2022

Continuing from there, where I left the blog about exploring Thimi in one day. The Digu tole, Madhypur Thimi’s...

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Exploring Thimi in a single day

Jan 31, 2022

We were rarely able to explore Thimi in a single day. We were unsure of what to see and...

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10 Best hotels around Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Jan 25, 2022

Bhaktapur is one of the last historic Malla kingdoms of Nepal that retain its alleyways, cultures, traditions, and city...

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Important Phone Numbers

Jan 24, 2022

Essential Phone Number Police control                            ...

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Top 10 places to see around Nagarkot

Jan 20, 2022

Nagarkot is a stunning destination in and of itself. The cool air and views of the epic mountain range...

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Top 12 reasons to visit Nepal

Jan 2, 2022

Still working on it. The list could be mushrooming soon.Outlines of ContentsMount EverestThe Great Himalayan TrailTrekkingAdrenalineDiverse cultureThe rural lifestyleWildlife...

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Why do people visit Bhaktapur?

Nov 23, 2021

Haven’t you heard this saying, “ It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand...

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Camping in Bhaktapur, Ghyampe Danda

Nov 9, 2021

Who would have thought that the way of Mr. Thomas Hiram Holding of having a recreational vacation outside in...

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Bhaktapur: A Tale of the ancient trade city

Oct 28, 2021

Bhaktapur, the smallest city among the three ancient cities of Kathmandu Valley boasts of cultural heritages, architecture and organic...

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