Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital

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  • Our Address: Dudhpati, Bhaktapur Municipality
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Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital is a national level cancer hospital. The 150 bedded cancer hospital is providing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, and palliative care services. The hospital is supported by the Nepalese Government and Rotary International.

Objectives  :

  • To establish the hospital as a state of art tertiary referral center.
  • To provide quality and compassionate care to be easily accessible to patients.
  • To collaborate with the NCRS and community in the field of preventive oncology and early detection.
  • To provide palliative care services, pain management, and cancer support programs.
  • To introduce a computer-based hospital management information system.
  • To provide charity services to poor and needy people.
  • To conduct a cancer registry and telemedicine.
  • To play role in the training of manpower.
  • To do academic and research work in cancer.
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