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Aashapuri-the place where all of your wishes comes true

Aashapuri precisely means a place where your wishes come true. The term Aasha means the wishes and puri means a place in the Nepalese language.

Here, the Aashapuri reforms the shape of a sacred temple, lying on the bank of the two rivers. It is a Shiva temple thus every Monday, especially on the month of Shrawan, a lot of devotees pay a visit over there in the belief that they would have a good and prosperous life if they please the Bholenath (Mahadev).

Besides, it seems full of devotees on the day of Shivaratri and Teej too.

The site is quite awe-inspiring for green panthers too. A two and a half-hour hike from Doleshwor Mahadeva via different settlements and lush woods wouldn’t be a waste to attempt.

If you plan a day hike to do in Bhaktapur, then this destination could be a perfect one.

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