Aesamari Sattal of Taumadhi Square

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Aesamari Sattal of Taumadhi Square image

Many of you might have heard about the word Aesamari Sattal and some might know which exactly the architecture is. Aesamari Sattal is non-other than that building, which resides right in front of the Nyatapola temple where before the COVID-19 pandemic “New Cafe Nyatapola” exists.

That building was said to be used by the priest who came to Bhaktapur especially for the Biska Jatra. Also, the building was said to be the house of the essential elements of the biska jatra festival. 

There are numerous stories related to this particular building. It is said that there used to be a puja each year during Biska jatra in the Taumadhi square. That puja was specially held for the salvation of those spirits who had an unfortunate death. And the sages were said to make the big bread (roti or mari) in this particular place, thus it started to be called Aesamari Sattal.

Moreover, Aesamari Sattal is also unique in the aspect of depicting exceptional woodcarvings. Especially the erotic carvings. In the struts of this building, we can see numerous characters and their actions, beautifully depicting us the then lifestyle.

erotic carving at Nyatapola cafe

Erotic carving at Nyatapola cafe PC: Praz Santt/

You can check out more carvings like this on the Erotic carvings on the architectures of Bhaktapur.


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  • Taumadhi Square, Bhaktapur Municipality, Bhaktapur District, Nepal.

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