Anantalingeshwor Mahadeva Temple; one ancient Shiva temple

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Anantalingeshwor Mahadeva Temple; one ancient Shiva temple image

Anantalingeshwor Mahadeva Temple is one of the best discoveries of Bhaktapur. It is an ancient temple, not lies in a remote area which means it is easily accessible and is full of wilderness.

Bhaktapur is no doubt, full of discoveries and antiquity. And this place, Anantalingeshwor Mahadev temple is one among those best discovery of Bhaktapur. Being Situating in Gundu village makes more easy access to the people who want to get there.

Moreover, the forest around it just makes it a perfect destination.

According to the name, it is a Shiva temple. That also seems quite old. Some flight of stairs and the wilderness accompany you to the way of that temple.

Importance of Anantalingeshwor Mahadeva Temple

However, local people are more generous and concern about this place. They do their usual worshipping over there. And they are trying to heritage it. At the same time, they are making it available for everyone.

Surprisingly, there are more stone temples and stone images. Also, a pond decorated with a snake image in between, that goes through your heart and creates a vibe of pure religion.

Besides, the temple lies in the southern part of Bhaktapur city. That means you can have a beautiful glimpse of the city under the range of Himalayas, once you reach the destination. Nevertheless, this could be a great experience, more worthy if you treat it as a hike.


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