Bhimsen temple of Bhaktapur: the temple of trade master

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Bhimsen temple of Bhaktapur: the temple of trade master image

Introduction of Bhimsen temple

There are still several temples and heritage sites in Bhaktapur which has no evidence of its existence. Yet, they are standing in front of us. But, its history is somewhere else. No one accurately knows about them. In those dusting and busts of the city, the erection of the Bhimsen temple also got faded.

Somehow, the archeologists presume, it was erected in 1605 CE. While some other sources dated it back to the 18th century.

This two-floored rectangular pagoda, the temple of Lord Bhimsen is located right in front of the Dattatreya Temple within the premises of Dattatrya square. Plus, it was renovated lately in the year 2018. However, it is standing in its initial structure until now. As the name of the temple assumes, it is the temple of lord Bhimsen.

The Bhimsen temple is often called Bhisindyo or Bhindyo by the local people.

This Bhimsen temple is extraordinarily large in length unlike any other temple in Bhaktapur. Plus, there are 7 pinnacles crowning in the tiny and pretended tier of the temple.

The windows, doors, and the struts as alike are filled with beautiful carvings. For instance, the temple is not only blessed with the Bhimsen but also with the statue of Draupati. Here, Draupati is one of the main characters of Mahabharata, who was also the wife of Panch Pandava.

Adding more, the ground floor of its looks like a resting place. Since it is open for everyone and has nothing except for a big space. Within the same series, there is a doorway guarded by two stone images. Ultimately, that portal guides to the main temple of Bhimsen.

About the Lord Bhimsen

Bhimsen is a god with a red face, angry eyes, and a thick dark mustache. He is worshipped as the god of trade and commerce. Perhaps, because of that, every household has had its portrait, especially in the shops. They believe that the praying of Lord Bhimsen would bring good fortune and success in business.

Usually, the local people come and worship in the temple but the traders often come on Saturday to do worship. It seems Saturday is one special day to worship Bhimsen. Besides that, the bhimsen is worshipped especially on Holi Purnima and Yomari purnima.

Bhimsen pokhari of Bhaktapur

With the temple, a conduit is attached, right in its back. That is a conduit but for some unknown reason, it is also called a pond. That’s why that conduit along with the assumed pond is called Bhimsen pokhari.

Meanwhile, some shreds of evidence show up as the conduit made in the lichhavi period. The northern, as well as the southern steps, still have some sort of carving evidence.  That mentioned the name of some, the then rulers of Bhaktapur like Raya Malla, Ram Malla, Rana Malla, and Bhim Malla. It was placed during its renovation.

With that, different classic statues like the statue of Narayan with four hands, Chandra, Surya, Ganesh, and some others are also established over there. Similarly, as the attraction, the conduit itself beholds the antique beauty.

The carvings relating to the crocodiles and torans giving shelter to the statue of Narayan above the sunken look so impressive.

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