Bisantaki Tirtha-Shileshwor

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Bisantaki Tirtha, also known as the Shileshwor temple is one of the holiest pilgrimages of Bhaktapur. It is located in the northwest part of the Nagadesha. This pilgrim is meant as holy as the Gosaikunda. Locals even believe that the water over here comes directly from Gosaikunda.

That’s why people come and take a bath over here especially in Janai Purnima. Following that, a big mela occurs each year at this place. Moreover, people visit Shileshwor to do Shora Shraddha too.

The statue of Shileshwor mahadev

The statue of Shileshwor Mahadev

In 2074, the statue of sleeping Shiva and other 64 Pancha Mukhi Shivalingas were added there. Before this, there were already stone footprints of Laxmi and Narayan. A chaitya was assumed to be made when Samrat Ashoka visited Nepal.

Shivalinga and Nandi along with the devotees

Shivalinga and Nandi along with the devotees

shivalingas at shileshwor

Shivalingas at Shileshwor

This pilgrimage was said to be named after the Vishwobhu Tathagata Buddha which used to be called Vishwobhu tirtha. Later on, it transformed into Bisantaki tirtha.

stupa at the premises of Shileshwor

stupa at the premises of Shileshwor


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