Bisket Jatra; the most dangerous festival of Nepal

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Bisket Jatra; the most dangerous festival of Nepal image

Biska jatra is the most popular festival of Bhaktapur burgh. While local people also call it bisket jatra.

Aesthete counts this festival among those treasured festivals. That is culturally and historically very important to the Bhaktapur.

Through this jatra, people welcome Basanta or spring. Though this jatra is celebrated in mid-April. For the reason of being the largest jatra of Bhaktapur. People also name it after chyacha gunhuya jatra, which means eight-night and nine days jatra.

You can see the craze of people for this festival. While you attend this jatra. Just to attend this festival, thousands of people from different territories gather at Bhaktapur. There will be this many people that you can’t even surmise. It feels like the whole city is desolate. and all people are in the streets of Bhaktapur.

Lyo sin dyo

The main attraction of this jatra is the lyo sin dyo. That is also pronounced as lingo. It is a sky-high unbending pole which locals erect on the last day of the month, Chaitra. And then lye down in the next eve.

This event falls on the very first day of the new year of Bikram sambat. That means Nepali new year, where the fact is that this biska jatra has no relation with the Nepalese new year. 

The anecdote

The anecdote says that King Jagat Jyoti Malla started this jatra. Because of the story of serpents. That story inspired him so much that he recreates it. Of course, by cementing the biska jatra.

Per the story, a cursed princess became a widow the next day after her marriage. The man who gets married to her found dead the next early. In this environment, a prince with tantric power came and get a knot out with the princess. He probably knows about the curse.

For that reason, he stands awake that night. And consequently, he found something very suspicious about the princess. The two serpents steadily came out from her nostrils. In between a meanwhile, the prince sprightly cut them down into pieces with his sword. As soon as he saw them crawling.

And this is how the curse was cured. Therefore, to celebrate this victory against those serpents, people start to celebrate bisket jatra.

The Malla kings heighten up the importance of bisket jatra by adding a chariot festival to this event. People assemble and collied the chariot of bhairava and Bhadra kali against each other during the festival. Moreover, the tug of war is the most dangerous part of this event. That made out this festival one of the dangerous festivals in the world.

Besides this, people also celebrate the jatra of Mahalaxmi, Mahakali, Bramayani, and Maheshwari during the festival.


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