Bode Kumari Temple

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Bode Kumari Temple image
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More preferably called, Bode Kumari temple is the temple of Kalika (Kumari) which is located in the northwest arena of khwopa la: (around 450m). It is a small, one-storeyed temple made in pagoda style.

kumari temple

kumari temple

It is believed that the temple, at the initial phase was established by Naresh Malla. And later on, it was remodelled by King Bupatindra Malla in N.S. 819. There is an unshaped stone image of kumari and her mount peacock in front of the temple. Moreover, the struts of the temple over here depicts the erotic carvings, quite similar to the temple of Dattatraya. 

replica of kumari dyo

The replica of Kumari dyo

This temple might be the only temple in the entire thimi which has its own green parks. And that thing certainly attracts a lot of visitors. However, people also gather here to celebrate jatras after the tongue piercing festival. During Balkumari Jatra, the seven of the palanquins are whirled over here. With that, the place is also used to conduct different rituals like Bartabanda. It is actually a compulsory activity to do puja over there while doing Bartabanda (for the locals only).

Recently some new formations and restorations have been completed over there. The making of pati, Dabali and the stone-paved courtyard was done in 2077.



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