Brass and Bronze museum of Bhaktapur, Nepal

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Brass and Bronze museum of Bhaktapur, Nepal image
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The museum next to the woodcarving museum also used to be a Matha or Math. (Math over here is not the mathematics term but is a house specially made for the priests of the specific temple) The then Math, which is now representing a bunch of cases, all related to the metalwork is now, well known under the name of Brass and Bronze Museum.

However, one can enter this museum with the same ticket bought either in the National Art Gallery or the Woodcarving Museum.

The museum is filled with ancient exemplars just like the other museum does. But, it significantly has preserved the traditional utensils of different eras including the ceremonial lamps as well as the ritual vessels, which meant to make it one unique museum from others.

In some summon, it is also facing the problems of weaker lighting means similar to the Wood Carving Museum. 


There is, indeed. Because it was made of dachi appa and stones, it is also known as Chikanappa Matha. Furthermore, it is also known as Nepal’s statueless art museum.

Traditional artefacts from various centuries, such as ceremonial lamps and ritual containers, mainly made out of brass and bronze could be seen over there, which also makes it a one-of-a-kind museum.

It’s located right behind the Dattatraya temple in the Dattatraya square.

The entrance fee is similar to the National Art Museum (Rs.150 for non-SAARC nationals and Chinese nationals, Rs. 50 for SAARCnationals and Rs. 25 for Nepalese citizens). There is also no need to purchase one if you have already purchased a ticket to the National Art Museum or the Woodcarving Museum.

No, it’s not. It is closed on Tuesdays and public holidays.

Near the Brass and Bronze museum are a woodcarving museum, the Dattatraya temple, Wane Layaku, Wakupati Narayan temple, and other minor temples.

The Woodcarving Museum is direct across the street from the Brass & Bronze Museum.


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