Chuchhe Dhunga

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Image by Cycle Connect Bhaktapur

Under the shadow of Ranikot Gadi (fort), an amazing viewpoint has been emerging as a new destination in Bhaktapur. Although there is not much infrastructure built on the site, it gives you a chill when reached. It is quite a perfect place to calm your mind.

Just a 5-10 minute walk from the way to go to ranikot is a beautiful place called Chuchhe Dhunga. There are only some iron railings for now in the place surrounding a few big rocks. But from there, you can have an immensely beautiful view of the Kathmandu Valley.

The Kathmandu Valley is surrounded by green hill stations and beyond that, you can see a number of mountain ranges.

Thus, it is a perfect destination for anyone who wants to feel the cold breeze, hang out with friends, or take some time for himself/herself.

You can even arrange a day hike up to Chuchhe Dhunga or simply ride your bike up until you reach the Ranikot route. However, keep in mind that you must walk a little further and avoid mounting the steps.


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