Chyasalin mandap; It’s not a temple

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Chyasalin mandap; It’s not a temple image

Chyasalin mandap is an octangular pavilion. It is not a temple while most people misunderstand it as a temple.

Although it is just a pavilion, it is one of the most beautiful creations of Malla rea. However, the kings of Bhaktapur were not responsible for its erection. All of the credit goes to the then king of Lalitpur, king Srinivas Malla. He erected this mandap as a token of friendship.

Besides these, there was a belief in ancient philosophy. That living in front of Pashupatinath could not be good for the king as well as for the country.

For that reason, this structure was structured right in front of the 55- windowed palaces, which was the residential palace of the then kings. Just to stop the magnificent aurora of the temple to the palace.

This place was also a keen place for the poetry competition. Once king bhupatindra Malla and his consort use this place for a poetry competition, as in available evidence.   

This pavilion was also a platform to receive royal guests, watch festivals, and witness the mesmerizing sunset views.

By worst luck, it faced the devastating earthquake of 1934 A.D. and lost its original form. Later on, in 1992 A.D. the German architects gracefully place this covering at its old pace. There, they used steel with the remains of the old chyasalin mandap. Consequently, that prevents it from the earthquake of April 2015.


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