Dattatraya temple; the only shrine, devoted to Dattatreya in Nepal

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Dattatraya temple; the only shrine, devoted to Dattatreya in Nepal image

Dattatraya temple is a mandala styled temple. It is also considered as one of the major as well as the oldest temples of Bhaktapur. That dates back to 1427AD.

For the first time, king Yaksha Malla concreated it. And after that, king Visva Malla presented the temple with an overhanging balcony in 1458 AD. Graphically, this temple stands in the eastern part of the Dattatreya square. Holding the prestige of being the only one shrine, devoted to Dattatreya in Nepal.

Dattatraya is a combined reflection of lord Brahma, Vishnu, and shiva. 

Well, this temple also reflects the ancient arts and crafts. Somehow, that was knocked up in erotic ways. The first floor of the temple is filled with these kinds of carvings.

It is also said that the whole temple was built with the timbers of a single tree. Alike as in the darn of kasthamandapa.  This is the temple of Dattatreya. But the symbols like garuda, conch, and chakra in standing pillars show the priority of Lord Vishnu.

You can also see the Jai and Pratap in front of the main entrance of this temple guarding as in the nyatapola temple.


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  • Dattatreya Square, Bhaktapur Municipality, Bhaktapur District, Nepal.

  • 27.673737, 85.435326

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