Dipankar Mahavihar

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Dipankar Mahavihar image
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Located inside a barely walked alley between Kwathandou and Bekhal, Dipankar Mahavihar is the home of one of the Dipankar Buddhas of Bhaktapur. He is supposed as the main Dipankar Buddha, thus after him, the vihar is named.

Dipankar Mahavihar

The statue of Dipakhar Buddha at Dipankar Mahavihar

As per the available scriptures, it was built in N.S. 750. And, fortunately, it is still in good condition, able to perform daily worshipping rituals and participate in Panchadan and Samyak Dan like holy events.

Beside Dipankar Buddha, there stands a statue of Mahankal, Manjushree, Ganesh and Shiva-Parvati, in this Mahavihar tagging the Red Tara. Some folk legends mention that Tara used to speak and was kept inside the bar while she was trying to leave the place.

That is why many Tibetans and people from the Himalayan regions often pay a visit to this place.

Dipankar Mahavihar

The temple of Red Tara at the premises of Dipankar Mahavihar

The Mahavihar, however, is also come to know as the home of Kumari of Bhaktapur. Each year, during Dashain, the living goddess Kumari resides here for 15 days.

Although, there is not much movement in the area, when you cross upon that road, a fragrance of incense steal away your attention. There is peace in the air.

While analyzing the spiritual values of that Mahavihar, one cannot just ignore the architectural form. The combination of the temple and local residents seems quite distinct yet attractive. The struts are as beautiful as the other wooden pieces of Bhaktapur. They are well carved and presented.

Dipankar Mahavihar

Dipankar Mahavihar

Likewise, there are Dharmadhatu Chaitya, Bajradhatu Chaitya, Khamba Chaitya, Gaju Chaitya, a hymning place (Sattal) with some fascinating paintings and a stone conduit on its premises. It’s a place worth visiting although the presence of local residents make you feel quite awkward, at first.

Dipankar Mahavihar

Chaityas and Sattal at Dipankar Mahavihar


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