Ganesha Chaturdashi ( Cho tha); one evening celebration

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A very vivid memory gets stuck when we think about Cho: tha. That, in general, is also name after the Ganesh Chaturdashi or the Ganesh Chaturthi. Unlike other pujas, it is not done in the morning. Instead, it is a household ritual that took place in the evening, within the presence of the moon.

The day thoroughly falls in the Bhadra Sukla Chaturthi, as per the lunar calendar. This festival is very trivial within the Kathmandu valley as well as in the newa society.

However, the festival is celebrated all over the world where Hindus reside. But it is celebrated considerably differently in different places by distinctive people. Some celebrate it by going to the temples of Lord Ganesha. While some bring a statue of Ganesha to their home. These things generally happen in India.

Consequently, the newa rituals and beliefs toward this occasion are also pretty inconsistent. Anyhow, according to the legends, the puja of Ganesha is done for good prosperity and wellness of the family. As in they could be able to consume the old rice rather than the newly harvested one. Which means they pray for enough grains to the lord.

Although it is a minor festival, people till today celebrate it with full rapture. All the family members from eldest to the youngest do puja of Lord Ganesha, in nightfall. Moreover, the delicious offerings and night gathering add more fun to this.


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