Golden gate; an alluring masterpiece of Bhaktapur Durbar Square

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Golden gate; an alluring masterpiece of Bhaktapur Durbar Square image

The golden and alluring attire, more worthwhile to see in Bhaktapur durbar square is the golden gate. Although this masterwork is erected near 55 Windowed Palace. It kindly can grab the attention of visitors.

Summerily, the rearmost Malla king of Bhaktapur, King Ranjit Malla is responsible for the erection of this epic masterpiece. This also leads to a fact this was the last contribution of Malla’s reign to the heritage of Bhaktapur.

The paragon dated back to 1757 AD, which artistically shows how different symbols, representations of deities, animals as well as ancient styles of architecture could perfectly be blended into one whittle.

However, Just standing in and taking a glimpse of this golden attire made you think about the ancient crafting skills and imaginations.

Alternately, local people allied this door as Swarnadwar (golden gate in Nepali). Also, the paladhvaka (gate of gatekeeper) and nepaladhvaka (gate of Nepal).

The gate was a purpose to dedicate to the Taleju Bhawani temple. The temple placed inside the historical palace of Bhaktapur. Appreancely, artists then made this gate in pagoda roofing style. The concoction of bricks, mud mortar, stone, wood, and gold gilded copper gave shape to this gate. It is more like a complete package.

Flawlessly, made by mixing all the arts and the adulate of newa architecture.

However, describing the details of the gate is possibly not possible. You must go and see the facet of the door by yourself. You surely experience its resplendent beauty once you start studying it.


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