Gopinath temple

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Within the premises of Bhaktapur durbar square, you can encounter different types of temples. Among them, the very first pagoda styled temple which you will encounter, while entering from the western gate to the Bhaktapur durbar square will be the Gopinath temple. Yes, the temple is one of the best examples of spectacular wood carvings. You can see those carvings on the doors and windows of the temple. Also, struts filled with the images of incarnations of Lord Vishnu and other deities are making this temple more elegant.

This temple is popular as the Gopinath temple but alternatively, also recognizes under the name of Radha Krishna temple. Furthermore, This temple is also famous as the dwarikanath temple because of a statue established inside this temple. The statue established inside the temple is of Lord Krishna. That seems more artistic and admiring. Not only the statue of Lord Krishna but also the statue of Balram and Subhadra are beautifully placed over there. There is a guarding image of two stone lions and a standing pillar in front of the temple, which consists of a garuda image on its top.


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  • Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Municipality, Bhaktapur District, Nepal.

  • 27.672074, 85.427638
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