Gunakriti Mahavihar

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Gunakriti Mahavihar is one of the ancient Vihars of Madhyapur Thimi. Being located at Digu Tole made it also called Digu Baha. To reach over there, all you have to do is follow the main road of thimi towards the north, until and at the end you see this Mahavihar on your right-hand side. 

Well, the inscriptions found here state that this Vihar is way older. As per the inscription, it was once renovated in N.S. 808. Likewise, the two golden images of Dipankar Buddha (one small and another big) was installed there in N.S. 684 (B.S.1621) and N.S. 689 (B.S. 1626).

Do you know that those images of Dipankar Buddha are roamed around in Thimi, Nagadesh and Bode on the day of Panchadan? That event is called Dipankar Jatra.

Besides, there is a  chaitya in this Mahavihar that is made anciently, recalling the lichhavi style of architecture. It apparently is the best thing to observe over there. However, there is one more statue of Bauddha Guru Padmasambhava which make this Vihar even more attractive.

Source: Gantabya Madhyapur thimi


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