Gundu; one hidden landscape behind the southern hills of Bhaktapur

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Gundu; one hidden landscape behind the southern hills of Bhaktapur image

Be a green panther and you will know, how immeasurable it feels to be in the lap of nature. Eyes, when you stand, sticks in the scenic beauty of the green woods. And, when you lie upon on the grasslands, the whole sky shows its shows.

Gundu, in some way, is the best place to enjoy that scenario in Bhaktapur. Geographically, the place lies in the southern arena of Bhaktapur district, beyond the jungle of Suryabinayak.

However, it also covers a little portion of the jungle of Suryabinayak, since it is a part of Suryabinayak Municipality. With that, this place is all congested with hills and grasslands.

People over there grow Makhamali flowers in their fields rather than other grains. It is like their major business exemplar. And, they are very satisfied with it too. The scene must be more pleasuring, hanging garlands of Makhamali, all over in the houses of local people.

Right before the Tihar festival. Besides, it has a lot of peaceful places, a green environment, and yes, hiking trails.

Places to visit around Gundu

Ghyampe Danda

Ghyampe Danda is one of the recently emerged destinations of Bhaktapur.  Best for a day hike. It takes only two hours of walk from the Bhaktapur Nagar. Just like in Pilot baba Ashram. These two places are like neighbors, staying in the same way. One can explore Pilot Baba Ashram on the way to Ghyampe Danda.

Moreover, this place gives an immense view of the southern village as well as the northern city of the Bhaktapur. Plus, the perfect picture shot of Pilot Baba Ashram.


Another place that Gundu merely covers is one of the best hiking routes of Kathmandu Valley, Ranikot. Since Gundu lies in the southern arena of the Bhaktapur city, Ranikot also posses in the south of Bhaktapur. That means it offers an amazing image of the ancient Malla burgh under the lap of majestic Himalayas.

Yes, but on the way to its apex. Similarly, it also proffers a chance to see the village surroundings, streams, woods, and a refreshed mood.

Anantalingeshwor Mahadev

Being situated in the south-west corner of Gundu, the temple of Anantalingeshwor Mahadev somehow grab the attention of visitors. Very few people do travel over there. But whoever once be in that place, they surely recommend other people to go there.

It is a religious place though it is a perfect place to enjoy nature. Plus, rural lifestyle. You can also have experience of the crossing suspension bridge, a little far from the temple.


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