Jagannath temple of Tulachhen

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Jagannath temple of Tulachhen image
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Bhaktapur, without an unspecified reason, is not designated as the city of temples. You see, each corner of the path and chowks of Bhaktapur contains some kind of shrine. Somewhence, you would also find temples with different architecture but of the same names. Referring to this case, you can find one Jagannath temple in Durbar Square and another one at Tulachhen.

The temple of Jagannath which lies at Tulachhen is also one of the important temples of Bhaktapur. After witnessing a pillar with fine Garuda’s statue and big plinths, historians somehow assumed that it must be a grand temple. Though, today the temple is only one-storeyed but is able to protect the beautiful images of Jagannath.


The image of Jagannath

In the temple, the statue of Krishna is represented as Balbhadra Jagannath and is in Nil Varna which means Blue in colour. Likewise, the statue of Subhadra and Balaram( Baladev) are in Rakta Varna and Sweta Varna respectively.

Jagannath, Subhadra and baladev

Jagannath, Subhadra and baladev

As per the foundation of the temple, it is stated that it was built during the reign of King Prana Malla in N.S.663. Also, it was assumed to be built in Shikhara style.

However, we do now see the structure of the temple built after the quake of 1990.


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