Jetha Ganesh Temple

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The Jestha/Jetha Ganesh temple of pottery square dates back to the year 1646. Unlike other temples around, the Jetha Ganesh temple was not built by any king or the prince. Instead, it is said that it was donated by a wealthy person.

The architecture of the temple seems normal to us cause it’s a two-storeyed pagoda styled temple. But the importance of it does not rely on its normal architectural design. This temple is extraordinary because of the images of Astamatrika and Astabhairava. They are beautifully carved on the temple’s struts, which is very rare to find in any temple, even in the entire Kathmandu Valley.

Astamatrika at Jetha Ganesh temple

Astamatrika at Jetha Ganesh temple

Moreover, each year during the Biska Jatra,  a Lyo Sin Dyo without arms (Lha maru Lyo Sin Dyo) is raised on the premises of this temple.


The Jetha Ganesh temple is located at the western corner of the pottery square in Bhaktapur.

The Jetha Ganesh temple is accounted unique for its strutted figures. There are images of Astamatrika and Astabhairava in the struts of the temple, which is considered very rare in any temple.

Although it is not counted among the other major temples of Bhaktapur, it is a very important temple for the potters of the Bhaktapur.

Since the temple is located in the pottery square of Bhaktapur, it is not that far from Bhaktapur Durbar Square. You can reach the temple within 4-5 minutes of walking from the Durbar area.


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  • Kumha Tole, Pottery Square, Bhaktapur.

  • 27.670098, 85.427818
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  • Jetha Ganesh temple is also called Jestha or Jeth Ganesh temple.

  • It is located on the western arena of the Pottery Square.

  • It is said that the priest of this temple is chosen from the Kumha (Potter's) clan.

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