Kileshwor Mahadev Temple

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This tiny and two-storeyed temple on the premises of the Changu courtyard is called Kileshwor Mahadev Temple. People often call this temple as the temple of Pasupatinath. There is a shared belief that the lord Shiva get settled over there to protect the hill. As the Changu Narayan temple, this temple also seems quite old and full of art and architecture. The struts behind the windows, and the upper section of the windows, it shows what picturesque temple is this.

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Moreover, the duplicate structure of this temple was made during the World Wood day 2016 celebrations in Nepal.  You can find the videos of it on youtube too. It says it took 9 days to complete it. With the resources of 531 timber pieces, 422 joints, and 7 tons of reclaimed sal wood.


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  • Changu Narayan Temple courtyard, Changu Narayan Municipality, Bhaktapur District, Nepal.

  • 27.716386, 85.428078
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