Krishnashtami and Sitala Puja

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On the last day of the Gai Jatra, there emanates a minor festival called Krishnashtami. People also prefer to call it Janmashtami since it is the birth date of Lord Krishna. A minor puja in Krishna temples is done on this date by the devotees. They basically worship the child version of Lord Krishna, swinging around on a swing. 

Image of Lord Krishna

Image of Lord Krishna PC: Henil Kajabadra

However, the Krishna temple of Patan, always become the main attraction of this day. Even though the temple was not opened because of the running pandemic, the number of devotees kept coming and glanced at the Krishna mandir.

But there might arise such question why only his birthday is celebrated among all other deities. Well, it might be because of his life. The life of Lord Krishna is truly an inspiration. He was the one who was responsible for Mahabharata like war. Also, the very Lord Krishna was the one who spread love all over the world.

However, he was also destined to kill his uncle and was fated to see his town drown in front of his eyes. Even being a god, he suffered a lot in his lifetime.

On the very day, devotees from Bhaktapur whirl the town with butter lamps on their shoulders, head and palms. Teenage boys are most likely to do this ritual.

krishna janmastami

Krishna Janmashtami

Likewise, the following day (the ninth day of the lunar fortnight), people go and pay a visit to the Sitala maju who represents smallpox. She somehow is also known as the deity who protects us against it. In Hanumanghat, there is an image of Sitala, to whom, especially, the woman goes to pay puja to ask for the protection of their family. But nowadays, since smallpox is treated well in hospitals. That’s why the visit of people to this place has also decreased.


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