Lokeshwor temple of Bhaktapur

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Image by bhaktapur.com/Praz Santt

Bhaktapur’s Lokeshwor temple, also known as Karunamaya, is a gorgeous temple located within the municipal limits of Bhaktapur. The temple is surrounded by local homes, moreover, the temple’s backside is rather attached to a house too.

Legend has it that when Lichhavi King Narendra Deva was ready to introduce Rato Machhindranatha (Lord Karunamaya) to Nepal, it was determined to establish one of the three designated locations. The contemporary Lokeshwor temple, Silu Mahadeva (Phasidegal), and Aankha Bahal were those three locations.

These locations are claimed to have been picked by a bird who was thought to be Lord Karunamaya’s emissary. The entire procedure was carried out under the auspices of tantrism.

As a result, these sites were regarded as the holiest. When the task of establishing Karunamaya was not completed, Baladeva, King Narendra Deva’s son, established a Padmapani Lokeshwor there.

Padmapani Lokeshwor is a Hindu god who appears to always be holding a lotus in his palm. He is also known as the Lashkar dyo (Laska dyo) and Bhaktapur’s Karunamaya.

The Jet Varna vihar is another name for it. It has Gaju Chaityas, Khamba Chaityas, Bajra Khatu Chaityas, Dharma Khatu, Vimba, Lokeshwor, and Dharma Dhatu Mandir on its premises.

Reference legend: Ganesh Ranjeet


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