Maghe Sankranti

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Sankranti generally means the first day of the month. Thus, the first day of Magh, Nepalese month is celebrated as maghe Sankranti. Nepalese people including newars commemorate this festival. Formerly, with their family members. Newar people of Bhaktapur entitled this festival as ghya chaku Sankranti. Because of the dish, they prepare that day. They set a Newari plate with ghya (butter), chaku( molasses) and sweet potatoes. This festival is a bit similar to yomari punhi in the sense of having a feast and giving importance to a particular dish.

Some communities also indicate this festival as the Makar Sankranti too. People take bath and do massage with mustard oil on the same day. Due to an ancient belief. There is also a myth about cooking the sweet potatoes the day before maghe Sankranti. So that the old quote “poush ma pakya, Magh ma khyaka” could come alive. That means, cooked on poush and ate on magh. This day by some means is also important for the followers of Buddhism. Most of the time, on this auspicious day, Shyakas and Bajracharyas people perform a ritual. They do samyak dan. It is a donating event,  at na pukhu of Bhaktapur. People in Nepal follow the lunar calendar. That’s why, dates could be changeable to do samyak dan.


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