Mahalaxmi temple of Bode

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Mahalaxmi temple is one of the beautiful as well as giant temples of Thimi which has a lot of cultural and historical significance. It is located at Bhangutole of Bode and each year during Biska jatra, the palanquin of this temple leads another eight palanquins. With that many cultural as well as religious activities are conducted in this temple. That’s why it is an important temple.

Although there is no information regarding the establishment of this temple, yet it is assured that it was already built before N.S. 749 (B.S. 1686). Likewise, there is an inscription that states, a golden Aakhi window (Aakhijhya) were offered there in N.S. 810 (B.S.1747).

This Mahalaxmi temple of Bode is also counted among the four Mahalaxmi of Kathmandu valley. Inside the temple, there are two stone images representing Bhairava and Mahalaxmi. But those stones are put in the upright position. As per the local darn, when they became uncontrollable and started to eat humans, they were placed like that.

Moreover, a lingo is rose up and fall down in the premises of this temple during Biska Jatra.


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