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Trishul Danda is one of the emerging destinations of Bhaktapur. Though it plainly is a hill station allaying the Changunarayan temple in the northern hills of Bhaktapur, it has both historical and religious importance to have arisen as a tourism destination. 

The spot is a little height thus, it provides a good illustration of both the Himalayas and terraced Bhaktapur Nagara. Well, it provides a panoramic view of around 20 different mountains. Besides that, it gives one of the best views of the Kathmandu valley, including Nagarkot, Sankhu, and Shivapuri hill stations. 

changu-trishul danda

Changu-Trishul danda

Moreover, there is also news regarding the making of a huge trident over there. Around 121 feet high since the destination is already on-air as Trishul Danda.

As per the locals, when there was this monster named Banasur who tend to dismiss the human civilization in Kathmandu Valley by stopping all important rivers of Kathmandu including Sali Nadi, Manohara, Bagmati and Vishnumati, the Kileshwor Mahadev of Changunarayan stopped him as well as defeat him. 

Within that process, the earth got wavered. The term getting the earth trembled or wavered is denoted as Dolayemaan in the Nepalese language. From, they say the name of the whole hill section of Changu got named Dola Giri. And this place thus was the beholder of that incident.

With that, the concerned people are developing plans regarding making a 55 feet tall Gorak Nath temple too to develop the area as one of the tourist destinations in the coming years. Although it already is a great place to sneak around.

the statue of panchamukhi hanuman at trishul danda

the statue of Panchamukhi Hanuman at Trishul Danda PC: Smile Nepal

Out of so many temples why Goraknath?

The actual Gorakhnath temple was Built by Prithvi Narayan Shah and was dedicated to Gorakhnath who was a famous Yogi who traveled widely across India. It is situated ten meters down the southern side of Gorkha Palace. 

Perhaps, because of some connections of King Prithivi Narayan Shah to this place, the concerned people are making Goraknath temple over here. They say that when King Prithvi Narayan Shah was having ease taking five villages, viz., Panauti, Banepa, Nala, Khadpu, and Sanga, he returned to Nuwakot via Changu.

During that journey, he is said to have stayed at Trishul Danda. During his stay, he found that this place is worth making a fort, allowing him to have an eye on the entire Kathmandu Valley. Thus, he made a fort there named Mulkot fort just like the Ranikot fort.

Since the story goes far as there are rumors it is said that he had planned to attack Kathmandu Valley from this fort. In the meantime, it is said that he worshipped Mahankal very ascetically. Hence, this might be one reason behind calling this place Mahankal Trishul Danda as well.

The Trishul danda means the hill station named by the Trident of Lord Shiva but it is more familiar to the locals as the Mahankal Trishul danda. There are more people who even perform their annual Kuldevata puja over there.

There are two natural Shiva Lingam, a tall Trishul, a temple of Shree Santoshi Mata, an idol of Shree Panchamukhi Hanuman, an Ashram of Trishul Baba, a view tower, a Peepal tree, and four-faced Shiva Lingam surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Aashram at Trishul danda

Aashram at Trishul Danda PC:

If you are visiting Changunarayan temple, Trishul Danda is worth checking out.

Note: From Trishul Danda, one can continue the journey towards Sankhu (via telkot) or Nagarkot.


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