Mangal Dharmadweep Mahavihar (Jhaur Bahi)

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Mangal Dharmadweep Mahavihar (Jhaur Bahi) image
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Mangal Dharmadweep Mahavihar, which is located in Bhaktapur’s Golmadhi tole, is also known as Jhaur Bahi. In this Vihar, one of the five Dipankar Buddhas can be found.

Mangal Dharmadweep Mahavihar (Jhaur Bahi)

Mangal Dharmadweep Mahavihar (Jhaur Bahi)

The Pauva arts are displayed here at Gunhi Punhi. This Vihar was constructed in the 13th century. Later, Jibtaj Bajraacharya’s descendants from Tadhichhen Baha renovated it (Tadhuchhen Bahal).

This Bahi, like the others, has a rectangular courtyard with modest chaityas. It also features the artwork of many Buddhas on its walls. Normally, the passage is less congested. During Samyak Mahadan, Pnchadan, and Gunla Parva, however, the site is packed with worshipers.


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