Muhan Pokhari

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Muhan Pokhari, a natural pool, definitely is the best place for those people who don’t want to do a great hike to enjoy nature and water. Since it is not so far from Kathmandu.

It will take only an hour to reach there from Kathmandu. Muhan Pokhari is 20 km away from Kathmandu and is also the nearest reservoir area from Bhaktapur. From here, Nagarkot, Sudal, Nala, Kalamasi, Shanga, and Sankhu of Bhaktapur can be designed as your further destination.

It doesn’t cost money to play with water in a Muhan Pokhari, during summer. Because it gets totally dry during the winter season.

Also, the area has become a Mukan Pokhari from the name of an artificial pond built to supply drinking water to Bhaktapur in the Malla period.


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