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The national art museum of Bhaktapur is one of the best acquisition hubs of the medieval as well as the lichhavi art and history. That was a former palace then named Simhadhwaka Durbar. For the reason of having an image of a pair of stone lions. The King Bhupatindra Malla erected it in 1698 A.D. Also, picturesque it as Malatichwok. But locals prefer to call it Simhadhwoka layaku rather than Malatichwok. Later, in 1960, the Government of Nepal and the Department of Archaeology set it up as the National Art Gallery.

Consequently, this museum is the best among the three museums of Bhaktapur. You can easily find this place, once you enter into the Bhaktapur Durbar Square. The two stone images of lions pleasantly embrace you. Along with that, another stone sculpture of Hanumanta-Bhairav and Nri-Shima also shows you the way toward the museum.

Notwithstanding, this museum has a small acquisition. But, it has a good collection of manuscripts and chronicles, which date back to the 14th century. Similarly, it is the home of ancient Paubha Scroll paintings, tantric cloth paintings. Also, the artifacts of bronze, brass, stone, and wooden images.

Stone section

This architecture is not in its fundamental shape after the devastating earthquake of 1934 A.D. But, it is protecting a lot of unique discoveries in it. That includes the stone varieties on its ground floor. The four-faced Shivalinga, the statues of Harihar, Surya, Chandrama, Vishnu, Tara, Ardhanireshwor, and Vishworupa are some of the significant collections of this gallery. Of course, in the stone section.

Painting section

The painting section is on the first floor of this art gallery. And, it also has an all-embracing collection of paintings like the airbrushing of Vasundhara, Ganesh Shakti, Mahisa Sambhara, Vajra Yogini, and Shiva. Advantageously, you won’t need to buy tickets for another two museums of Bhaktapur, once you buy one over there.


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