Newa wears; a unique fashion with 100% traditional clothing

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Newa wears; a unique fashion with 100% traditional clothing image


  • The Hakupatasi goes with a kind of long shawl, Gaa.

A black saree of cotton with a red border. This is what we imagine when we talk about newa wear. Of course, why wouldn’t this image occur in our minds?

After all, haku patasi is the regular wear of newar people. Most of the newar people still wear their traditional attire and follow their traditions. While the country is westernizing it’s development systems.

Along with this, people are also falling for western culture and society. Despite this, the local of Bhaktapur somehow manages to continue their traditional clothing. 

Practically, it’s not like that, that they wear these clothes all along the day. But they manage to wear it on different occasions. Like in festivals, jatras, lifetime ceremonies, rallies, and yes, in cultural events. Besides this, you can see a bunch of old people wearing traditional newari attire in their day to day daily life.

The dresses

The newa wear includes the haku tapuli(black cap), dhakatapuli (Dhaka topi), trousers (suruwā), and long shirts (tappālan) and gaa(long length shawl)for men. Likewise, women wear a blouse, bhoto (misālan) and hakupatasi, Chireparshi(sari), and gaa(long length shawl).

Especially, the jyapu community among newars wear haku patasi regularly. Also, the girls wear ankle-length gowns. That is called as bhāntānlan in the common newari language.

Kapaa laakan

By some means, newa clothing bare unperfect without a shoe. Yes, with clothing, the shoe also plays an important in making this attire, the most attractive attire in Nepal. Traditionally, newars prefer to wear shoes made out of cloth. And they do so.

Somehow, women’s footwear is more attractive than men’s. The women’s footwear is made of red cloth. And pamphlets with glitters and colorful beads (potya). Kapaa Laakan, they call it Kapaa laakan in their language.

For occurrence, you must try a newa outfit, while you visit Bhaktapur. That will be your best-listed treasure for sure.


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