Nigoo pukhu(Dui pokhari);literally means the 2 ponds

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Nigoo pukhu(Dui pokhari);literally means the 2 ponds image

Dui pokhari-Nigoo pukhu

Duipokhari or the Nigoo pukhu, which literally means the two ponds is now one of the popular middles of Madhyapur thimi. People go and spend time over there. Children do swimming and visitors, boating.

But, there was not the same scenario a few years back. It has been transformed into that ancient styled pond after a long period. It is said that the pond was once dried up to welcome King Mahendra in Bhaktapur.

As per the cited stories, the locals didn’t find a good and wide place to do a grand welcome of the then King. Thus, they dried up the pond. But, unfortunately, it became a dry meadow and un-managed field after that.

The concerned authority could not make it to its initial face until Mr. Madan Sundar Shrestha, the Mayor of Madhyapur Thimi associated his work and post toward protecting these heritage sites.

These ponds hold history at least of 300 years. The name of Queen Ganga came whenever the talks start about the erection of the pond. It is said that she erected these ponds to facilitate the locals with a water resource.

As for one solution if somehow fire brokes or else. Moreover, the erection of the pond helps to be alive to the other water sources like the wells and stone spouts.


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