Nil Barahi Temple

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Nil Barahi Temple image

Nil Barahi temple is located in the northern arena of the historical city Tigani. It is Balkumari Temple, considered one of the four Barahi of the Kathmandu Valley. There is a natural stone inside the temple which represents the Nil Barahi herself. 

There is no roof in this temple which additionally make it a distinct temple. It is said that during the reign of King Vikram Sen, this deity was established over there adopting the Tantrik way. Besides the Nil barahi temple, there are other images of Astamatrika, bhairava and pati on its premises.

other deities at Nil Barahi temple premises

Other deities at Nil Barahi temple premises PC: Santt

Nil Barahi temple premises

Nil Barahi temple premises

Moreover, this prominent place is important for both Hindus and Buddhists. Meanwhile, a lot of people worship this temple as Dhana Barahi too. 

Nil Barahi temple

Nil Barahi temple

A palanquin from this temple is prepared to participate in the Sindoor Jatra where an image of Nil barahi with 3 eyes and four hands is set aside. This image of her however always remained at Dyo Chhen. Besides, the legendary Nil Barahi Dance is also closely related to this temple.

This temple is at quite a height and a small jungle leads the way up there. So, it’s naturally a refreshing place.

Jungle area near Nil Barahi temple

Jungle area near Nil Barahi temple

way to Nil Barahi temple

Way to the Nil Barahi temple

There is a picnic spot too. Considering these features, the municipality organized to make it an eco-park. From where the Kathmandu valley, as well as Changu Narayan temple, can be seen very firmly.  

western view form Nil Barahi temple

Western view from Nil Barahi temple

eastern view from Nil Barahi temple

The eastern view from Nil Barahi temple


The Nil Barahi Temple is located in a small village named Tigani of Bode.

It certainly is. Nil Barahi is one of Bhaktapur’s most prominent temples and the main god for the people of Bode.

You could reach Nil Barahi Temple within a 20 to 24-minute drive from Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

There are no restrictions on taking photographs of this temple and nearby until and unless it’s the image of the sanctum’s deity.

This temple witnessed several historic Thimi events, such as the Nil Barahi Dance. The god of this temple also takes part in Madhyapur Thimi’s Sindoor Jatra.


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