Pilot Baba Hike: one hike to the southern hills

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Pilot Baba Hike: one hike to the southern hills image
Image by Sujal Twati

On the very south of Bhaktapur city, in between the jungles, you can notice a white like temple place. That is the ashram of pilot baba. The name of the place is quite weird but is one of the best places to do meditation.

There is a small temple of lord shiva, named Somnath temple, and a big ground to relax. You can count this place as one of the small hiking destinations of Bhaktapur. And yes, you need to pay some amount to enter the ashram as well.

Starting off the hike to the Pilot baba

This hiking destination is only 6km away from Bhaktapur durbar square. So, you can reach over there within a maximum of 2 hours’ walk by passing through Surya Binayak temple.

Well, it depends upon your walking strength too. Walking in between the jungles is always a better option to be a green panther. It will be more worthwhile if the jungle is brimming with the trees of rhododendron, utis, and sal. The cool wind passing through your face encapsulates that you are about to reach your destination.

Pilot Baba Ashram is situated on the hilltop, from where you can observe Bhaktapur as well as Kathmandu city at one glance. You can also choose to go there on your personal vehicles. Though this place is linked with the road, you can find fast food as well as cold drinks over there.  If you want, you can choose to try local food too.

This hiking trail also offers to continue the hike towards Ranikot on east, ghyampe danda on the west, and Tarakeshwor Mahadev on the south. Consequently, this hike unveils the natural side of Bhaktapur rather than arts and architecture.


Hiking generally means a short walk to a remote and natural area, which does not include a night stay.

The best time for hiking is obviously autumn ( Oct-Nov) and Spring (end of Feb-apr). Besides that, you can do hiking whenever you favor doing it except for rainy days.

It would be comfortable for you if you choose to wear sports shoes. Otherwise, any type of shoe or footwear would be okay except for the high heels.

No, there is not. It is just hiking on a very small hill station. That’s why there is no possibility of High Altitude Sickness.

Yes, you can if you would like to. But we suggest you to not hike alone since the hiking route passes through quite a jungle area.

Actually no, there aren’t many restaurants but there are some local shops where you can find food and beverages.

It is a short hike thus took approximately 2-3 hours of walk to reach the destination.

Yes, if you supposedly want to end your hike by returning through booked vehicles, then don’t miss the sunset view. Just finish your day at the top.


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