Pottery Square of Bhaktapur: the ground of clay arts

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Pottery Square of Bhaktapur: the ground of clay arts image

Pottery square as its name means is a square full of pottery works. You can reach there within a few minutes’ walk from Bhaktapur durbar square. This square is not as big as Durbar square but is a hub to do the shopping for Nepalese handicrafts.

The centre of this square always gets filled with clay wares and local grains to give them an ace finishing.

pottery square

pottery square

This square also owns several shrines like the Ganesh shrine, Vishnu temple, Gorakhnath temple, Aakhandasheel Mahavihar and Jeth Ganesh temple within its space.

Jetha Ganesh Temple

The temple of Jetha Ganesh is located at the southwest corner of Pottery square. This two-storeyed golden roofed temple is said to be contributed by a wealthy person. Besides, it has one unique characteristic that other temples rarely have.

jetha ganesh temple at pottery square

Jetha Ganesh temple at pottery square

If you watch carefully at the struts of this temple, then you can find beautifully carved images of Astamatrikas and Astabhairavas over there.

Astamatrika jetha ganesh temple

Astamatrika at the Jetha Ganesh Temple

Besides that, this place also holds the ceremony of rising and defecting the non-hand lingo (Lyo Sin Dyo) during Bisket Jatra or Biska Jatra (one of the prestigious Jatra of Bhaktapur).

Gorakhnath temple

Gorakhnath temple of Pottery square is barely visited by the visitors yet it has its own importance. There is a slightly elevated area in the northern part of the square called Taladamfo, that’s where this temple is located. There are three ways to go up there.

Each year, on the fourth day of Biska Jatra (the last day of the Nepalese New Year), a sacred puja used to hold over there. The Kapalik people(Nath community) used to worship the statue of Goraknath, whom they idolised as their chief mentor.

Thus, they used to follow some sacred Tantrik rituals to worship him. Regardless, today, there happens to have a park where children and locals do playing and workouts respectively.

Pottery Training Center

Of course, there are some pottery training centres since it is the pottery square. They teach you how to do pottery, let you make your own sort of cups or whatever you like to make. But you have to settle a certain amount to do all these activities.

Thanka Painting Schools

Pottery Square somehow is also famous for the Thanka painting school, where you can see the calmness and patients of artists. Moreover, the arts themselves are as beautiful as the emotions. Consequently, you can bring back palpable memories from there.

Akhandasheel Mahavihar

Akhandasheel Mahavihar is one of the important Vihars of Bhaktapur which is also known as Akhankhu Baha. It is located in the north-eastern part of the square.

Moreover, it is conjectured that it was first built by the Lichhabi King Narendra deva. He built this Baha for his younger son, who went to become a monk. Also before the commencement of the Machhindranatha jatra, a set of puja is offered from this Bahi.


Yes, you can. However, you have to pay a little sum of amount to learn and practise pottery there.

Yes, the Pottery square of Bhaktapur is quite famous since it is very close to Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Taumadhi Square.

Pottery Square, in so many aspects, attracts visitors. The live pottery, the Thanka painting school, souvenir shops, hidden courtyards and the one and only Ganesh temple consists of both Astamatrikas and Astabhairava on its struts.

It could be quite hasty to go there by any vehicle yet if you insist you can go. All you need to do to reach there is take a route either from Ram Mandir or Bharvachho. Remember that! only small vehicles can pass those routes.

Well, today almost every person know this place as pottery square but its actual name is Kumha tole/ Talakwoh.

There are quite a number of restaurants near pottery square. So, you can grab any type of fast food as well as local dishes over there.

A pottery square is a place where the pottery work is done.

During Biska jatra, a Lyo Sin Dyo (without hands) is erected in a pottery square. Also, some minor puja, as well as the procession, is done over there. Thus, there seem a pretty connection between pottery square and Biska Jatra.


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