Pottery Square of Bhaktapur: the ground of clay arts

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Pottery Square of Bhaktapur: the ground of clay arts image

Pottery square

Pottery square as its name means is a square full of pottery works. You can reach there within a few minutes’ walk from Bhaktapur durbar square. This square is not as big as Durbar square but is a hub to do the shopping for Nepalese handicrafts.

The center of this square always gets filled with clay wares and local grains to give them an ace finishing. This square basically owns three temples named Ganesh shrine, Vishnu temple, and Jeth Ganesh temple within its space.

Besides that, this place also holds the ceremony of rising and defecting the non-hand lingo during bisket jatra or Biska Jatra (one of the prestigious jatra of Bhaktapur). There is also a thangka school, you can see the calmness and patients of artists over there as well as the arts. Consequently, you can bring back palpable memories from there.


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  • Bhaktapur Municipality, Bhaktapur District, Nepal.

  • 27.669922, 85.427376
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