Rameshwor temple; one temple beyond the walls

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Rameshwor temple; one temple beyond the walls image

One out of the four temples of Chardham temples is the Rameshwar temple. This is an open temple. That stands with four artistic stone pillars. Somehow, this shiva temple tends to be Rameshwar because of a darn.

The darn says that by the lord ram the temple was established.  For that reason, people call this temple as Rameshwar Mahadev temple. Ultimately, it’s a shiva temple. Well, originally the Rameshwar temple is in south India.

Consequently, this temple lies right in front of the Gopinath temple. While you enter from the west entrance to the durbar square, you can find this temple on your right-hand side.

The artistic king of the Malla era, king bhupatindra Malla is credited for such beautiful work.

The shivaling of Jalhari and roof like backflipped lotus made this temple more elegant. There are no walls at all. So you can easily take a glimpse of the shivaling of the temple.


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