Salan Ganesh Dyo Chhen; the Agam Dyo chhen

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Salan Ganesh Dyo Chhen; the Agam Dyo chhen image
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Salan Ganesh Dyo Chhen is the god house of Salan Ganesh Temple. However, it is more famous as Agam dyo chhen than the dyo chhen.

The dyo chhen of Salan Ganesh is an exceptional architectural illustration. Unlike other dyo chhen (god’s house), which looks more like a residence but this dyo chhen owns some features matching the temple. Equivalently, it’s rare to find double torans even in temples too. Besides a pinnacle (Gajur) and beautiful carvings over struts, windows and doors made it more of a diversion to the orbs.

Agam dyo chhen

Agam dyo chhen
PC: Praz Santt/

The flanking stone lions’ home although is declared a world heritage site, yet we are not allowed to observe the interior. Because it still remains occupied by the local resident thus it’s not open to the public.

About the age of the dyo chhen, there is no exact record regarding its erection yet there are some guesses which tells us that it might have been built when the Salan Ganesh temple was built. It somehow makes sense too. Considering, the dyo chhen is of Salan Ganesh temple, it could have been built during the same time period.

The struts and the carvings

The struts and the carvings
PC: Praz Santt/

Moreover, the famous architect Mr Wolfgang Korn also remarks that it may be incorrect to describe buildings of this type as temples because they are called even on Newari Dyochhens, which means god’s house. However, only the replica of god is quartered over there.

Well, it’s quite easy to find this architecture foregoing the parade of local residences. On the northern alley of Salan Ganesh puku, the last building to the very west is the dyo chhen of Salan Ganesh Temple.



A dyo chhen (a newari term) literally means the god house, where all the matters related to a particular temple are conducted.

In the newa community of a particularly popular temple, deity dwellings (dyo chhen) are extremely numerous. However, there is one distinction between them: temples are open to anyone, whereas dyo chhens are reserved for specific people.

Well, dyo chhen is somehow considered a more sacred place than a normal house.

This dyo chhen is located on the north side of Salan Ganesh temple and pokhari.

No, it is not. It would approximately take 5-10 minutes to reach over there from Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

Dyo chhens are particularly built to conduct various matters related to the respective temples like jatras, Nitya and annual pujas.


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