Salan Ganesh Temple and the pond

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Salan Ganesh Temple

Within the sphere of Dattatreya Square, there are three more temples that hold both cultural and religious paramount. Among them,  the Salan Ganesh Temple is the one, which lies in the right-hand corner of the square.

A narrow street leads the way to the temple. The temple is particularly special because of the image of Lord Ganesh. But, it is not a sculpture. The image roots to a natural stone that has a symbolic form of Ganesha or the elephant-headed image.

Nowadays, it became more indistinguishable because of the red tika, covered all over it.

The Salan Ganesh is also sub-titled as the Adhi Ganesh among the asta Ganesh. During the procession process in Gai jatra, this temple is revolved by a bunch of people. Thus, because of that, it was called Salan Ganesha.

However, until today, the exact erection date of the temple has not been defined. Yet, some guesses call it the temple developed in the 13th century. Sumerialy, the date 1654 also arouses as its erected date. 

Salan Ganesha pokhari

The pond behind the Salan Ganesha Temple is said to be dedicated to the temple. That’s why it is named as the Salan Ganesha pokhari. Consequently, the eve made this pond fill with young people as well as the old ones. While, for now, there is no use of this pond except for having a peaceful time with friends.

Furthermore, it is presumed that the pond might have been in existence since the 16 or 17th centuries. From then till today, this pond remains in its initial structure. Along with the length and width of 300 and 150 ft respectively.


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