Samyabaji; ultimate destination of the Newari food lover

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Samyabaji; ultimate destination of the Newari food lover image
Image by PC: Gorkha Rifles

Not only newars but also the other community behold newars are fond of Newari dishes. If you are in Bhaktapur then you must try this Newari cuisine called samyabaji. And wine along with it. People over here have no isolated industry for wine production. Despite that, they produce it in their own houses. That they called Ayla, a local wine.

What does a set of Samyabaji contain?

Besides Ayla, a perfect plate of samyabaji contains the following items.

  • flattened rice,
  • chatamari,
  • a meat item called chhwela (barbecued and marinated buffalo meat),
  • green leaves,
  • fried boiled egg,
  • boiled beans mixed with spices,
  • spicy potatoes,
  • and roasted soybean with small pieces of garlic and ginger.

The local wine Ayla is also served with this spectacular jumble. Therefore, Bhaktapur welcomes the aficionado of its cuisine not with a garland in hand but with mouthwatering food and wine. So, don’t forget to take a bite of samyabaji while you are in this alluring city, Bhaktapur.


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