Shree 3 Vishnu Bir mai Temple (Sungaa Dyo)

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Shree 3 Vishnu Bir mai Temple (Sungaa Dyo) image

Shree 3 Vishnu Bir Mai temple is one of the mattering temples of Thimi which is situated at Sungaa tole of Madhyapur Thimi. Perhaps, that’s why the temple is also called Sungaa Dyo. Or, maybe because of the name of Sungaa Dyo, the place started to call Sungaa Tole. 

Shree 3 Vishnu Bir mai temple

Shree 3 Vishnu Bir Mai temple

Whatever the reason might be behind this naming but one thing is clear that this temple has a lot of significance. This temple is also called the temple of Vaishnavi, the shakti of Lord Vishnu.

deities of Vishnu Bir Mai temple

Deities of Vishnu Bir Mai temple

During the Biska Jatra, the palanquin of this temple (the khat of Vishnu Bir) leads to the other five Ganesha’s palanquins. With that, there held a solo jatra of its called Vishnu Vir Khat Jatra at the end of the Baishak where its palanquin is roamed around the entire thimi. (Here, thimi is referring as the main thimi area)

The legends say that this temple was faced west and had 12 corners in the past. Meanwhile, today it is faced towards the east and is made in Gumbaj style. The temple houses unshaped images of God and Goddesses. In front of which, one can encounter a statue of Garuda, doing Namaste (adjoining hands position) and a hanging Pataah.

hanging pataah of Vishnu Bir mai temple

Hanging pataah of Vishnu Bir mai temple

Likewise, in the courtyard of this temple, you can find fine patis (resthouses) to perform daily rituals and Bhajans. There is a replica of Shiddhi kali on the northwest corner of the courtyard and a small image of Saraswoti.

Taking a western alley from Balkumari Temple would take approximately a few minutes of walk to reach over there.


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