Taleju bell ( big bell)

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Taleju bell ( big bell) image

The durbar square is a package of surprises, wherein every single step you find an alien creation. The giant bell in front of the golden gate is one among them. This taleju bell is a symbol of devotion toward goddess taleju, who is stoked inside the royal palace. It is said that this bell is rung during the worship of goddess taleju.

This big bell is hung in an open platform above the four stone pillars. Factually, you can have a close glimpse of the statue of king bhupatindra Malla and the durbar area from that open platform. Nevertheless, this enormous and astounding bell is one’s pennyworth of  King Ranjit Malla. The inscription mentioned on that bell authenticates that it commenced on Thursday, January 6,1737 AD. So, don’t miss out on a chance to take advantage of this beautiful creation, while you are in Bhaktapur.


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