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Taumadhi Square is one of the busiest squares of Bhaktapur which lies on the eastern elevation of Bhaktapur durbar square. A narrow street (on the south of Bhaktapur Durbar Square) filled with souvenir shops ultimately leads you toward the Taumadhi square.

Taumadhi Square, which houses the tallest pagoda styled temple of Nepal (Nyatapola Temple), also houses several temples, Sattal, water conduits, Maths (the Agam Chhen) and Dabus/Dabalis (platforms). However, most people know this place only for Nyatapola Temple.

People who do not have much knowledge about Nyatapola call this temple, the Panch Talee Mandir. Because of the five stories of this pagoda temple, people used to start calling it panch tale mandir rather than Nyatapola.

 This square allows two-wheelers vehicles in its compound but not four-wheelers.

There is another three-storeyed temple of bhairava, a fierce visage of lord shiva. That, Bhairavanath temple lies on the right side of the temple of shiddhilaxmi (nyatapola).

There is also a small temple named betal temple following the bhairava temple. Like other squares, this square too had a big space, wherein festive season thousands of people muster and make merry the festivals. Ths square also treasures the wooden crafts used in bisket jatra and the chariot is also assembled in this place.

There is another temple right in front of the nyatapola temple, call by the name of the Til Madhav Narayan temple. Every year, a Newari ritual called belbivah or ehi is done in a compound of this temple.

Besides, there are several cafes, souvenir shops, and restaurants in this area. If you get a walk during morn or in eve, you can clock the locals’ street market too.


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  • Taumadhi tole, Bhaktapur Municipality, Bhaktapur District, Nepal

  • 27.671576, 85.429093
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