The image of Chatur Narayan

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The image of Chatur Narayan image
Image by Santt

This image of Chatur Narayan (the four Narayan) is located right in front of the Jagannath temple of Tulachhen.  Most people tend to call this place, Markandaya Talau too, correlating to the Jagannath temple’s glory. By the style of the statue, it is assumed that it must be made during the 15th century.

The Lord Vishnu (Narayan) in this statue is in Samabhangaasan holding a lotus (Padma), the Indestructible Mace Of Lord Vishnu (Kaumodaki), a conch (Shankha) and the Unstoppable Disc Of Lord Vishnu (Sudarshana Chakra) in each of his four hands. Perhaps, because the place was once called a Talau (lake), the image of that Chatur Narayan is also worshipped as Jalhari. However,  to this day, regular puja is not conducted over there.


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