Til Madhav Narayan Temple; one hidden temple that exist in front of Nyatapola

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Til Madhav Narayan Temple; one hidden temple that exist in front of Nyatapola image
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Apart from researchers, it would be amazing if anyone in this generation is aware of the Til Madhav Narayan Temple.

The temple of Til Madhav Narayan is one of the most important temples of Nepal, as it is one of Nepal’s oldest temples, dating back to 238 N.S. (1118 A.D). Even yet, it manages to stand straight in a good position between us.

The temple is located just in front of the Nyatapola Temple, in the southern arena. However, it is hidden behind a wall of houses. You can enter the courtyard where the temple has been residing through one narrow open doorway.

Til Madhav Narayan Temple

Til Madhav Narayan Temple
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Til Madhav Narayan

Til Madhav Narayan is one of Lord Vishnu’s incarnations. Even if no one could enter the temple, the statue of Garuda, conch and wheel confirmed the presence of the deity. There is also Lord Natyeshwor, who is supposed to have been established there to protect Til Madhav Narayan.

According to the temple priest, the depiction of Til Madhav Narayan differs greatly from other renderings of Narayan. He explained that this statue only has three hands. Another restriction is that no worshipers are permitted to visit the shrine or even see the Lord Narayan statue.

And, yes, photography is not permitted inside the temple.

The temple is open from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. During this period, the priest performs Nitya puja at around 5:30 a.m. and Sandhya Aarati at 5 p.m.

Furthermore, Til Madhav Narayan’s idol is also worshipped as Janai Dharan Narayan, who is said to be untouchable by the girls.

Til Madhav Narayan, the deity who blesses the devotees with children

A courtyard, in addition to the temple, is considered sacred by Bhaktapurians. Because Ihi, one of the most essential rituals of every newa girl, was sometimes performed there.

In addition, on important occasions, devotees from faraway regions such as Pharping and Panauti come here in the hope that the Lord may grant their wishes. According to the temple priest, if anybody obtains the clarified butter (Ghee) of the naval of the Til Madhav Narayan on the fourth day of the Magh, his/her request is granted.

It is a local belief.

On the day of Maghe Sankranti, the statue of Til Madhav Narayan is immersed in clarified butter and presented to worshippers after four days. It is often held that God fills the laps of individuals with children who are experiencing difficulties with childlessness.

As a result, it is also revered as the deity that bestows offspring on followers.

About the emergence of Til Madhav Narayan

According to legend, even after selling tons of sesame seeds, one trader noticed that he had many more sesame seeds than he should have, and it wasn’t even close to being finished. There he discovered the image of Til Madhav Narayan.

Since then, devotees have offered Sesame seeds (Til) to the deity on the day of Maghe Sankranti every year. In addition, the god is worshipped on the days of Janai Purnima and the Madhav Narayan Festival in Bhaktapur.


The temple of Til Madhav Narayan is located at Taumadhi Square of Bhaktapur. Even within the Taumadhi square, it is established in an inner courtyard right in front of the Nyatapola temple.

The temple of Til Madhav Narayan was built in 238 N.S. (1118 A.D).

Til Madhav Narayan temple is primarily worshipped for the blessings of having a child. Besides that, an important ceremony for each newari girl named Ihi is done over there. However, there are other places where the Ihi ceremony is done.

Yes, there is. The idol that is worshipped during Madhav Narayan barta is said to be of Til Madhav Narayan.

Yes, there is. On the day of Maghe Sankranti (the very first day of the Magh month), devotees from all over the valley pay homage to this temple.

Within the courtyard of Til Madhav Narayan temple, there is this two-storeyed 11th-century temple of Til Madhav Narayan. With that, there are other minor but unique temples of Ram Sita, Mahadeva and a pillar with the beautiful carvings of all of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

The entrance fee to enter Bhaktapur along with the Bhaktapur Durbar Square varies as per nationality. It costs, Rs.1500 for Non-SAARC nationality, Rs.500 for SAARC, and Chinese citizens, and free for the Nepalese.

Yes, you can. However, you are prohibited to take photographs of the inner sanctum of the temple.


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  • The Madhav Narayan is worshipped in the month of Magh.

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