Til Madhav Narayan Temple; one hidden temple that exist in front of Nyatapola

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It would be amazement if anyone of this generation knows about this temple, Til Madhav Narayan Temple. Besides them, who are researchers and locals, of course.

The temple of Til Madhav Narayan is foremost, one of the oldest temples in Nepal. That dates back to 238 N.S. (1118 A.D). Somehow, it still manages to stand upright in a good position in between us.

The temple lies right in front of the Nyatapola Temple i.e. in the southern arena. But, it is hidden behind the wall of houses. Where a narrow open doorway lets you enter the courtyard.

Here, talking about the outlook of the temple, this two-storeyed temple is as amazing in scriptures as others.

Moreover, the statue of Garuda, conch, and the wheel also make sure about the deity that resides in the temple. For them, who have no idea about the temple. As you can observe the garuda and other symbols in the Narayan temple only.

Along with the temple, a courtyard is also a holy place for Bhaktapurians. Cause, one out of the most important ritual of every newa girl, Ihi sometimes took place over there.


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