Vatsala Durga Temple; after the devastating earthquake of 2015

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Vatsala Durga Temple; after the devastating earthquake of 2015 image

Vatsala Durga temple is a white stone temple. It witnesses the auspicious stone carvings of then. You can see a pair of lions and elephants in front of the entrance. That particularly shows the details of the carvings.

You can feel that while you touch it. It is located near the taleju bell. And it is possibly the only way to be near that bell too.

Well, people call this architecture, the Vatsala Durga temple. For the reason that there are images of navadurga and Asta Matrika on its sub pinnacles.

The temple stands in the shikhara style. That seems quite similar to Krishna mandir of patan as well. It has nine pinnacles altogether. The small ones hold the temples with images of goddesses. On the first floor, for instance.

The temple is all dedicated to Vatsala Durga. That is in the form of Sri yantra ( a tantric symbol). There is a big barking bell in front of the temple. The anecdote says that dogs start to bark when it rings.

The history says King Jagat Prakash Malla constructed it in 1672 AD. But, King jitamitra Malla completed it in 1674 AD. King jJitmitra Malla was the son of King Jagat Prakash Malla. So, this temple holds the contributions of two Malla kings at the same time.

Later on, it was also renovated by King Bhupatindra Malla. By fair means, after the devastating earthquake of 2015, it is in the process of giving pose to the coming generation with the same ethnic specialty but in new wear.

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