Wakupati Narayan Temple, Bhaktapur

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Wakupati Narayan Temple, Bhaktapur image
Image by Prashant Prajapati


  • This is the only temple in entire Bhaktapur that has four pillars of Garudha in a row in it's premises.

  • There is a common belief that sitting on the premises of this temple cure the backpain that's why devotees for a while sit over there, while visiting the temple.

Wakupati Narayan Temple

Wakupati Narayan Temple is a two-story pagoda temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, enclosed within a stone-paved courtyard. About the erection of this temple, it is said that it was built in 1667.

The temple by date seems more archaic than the Nyatapola temple and is in very good shape till today. Despite some damage to neighbouring buildings, the ornate, golden temple survived the 2015 quake outlasting various distinct quakes.

Well, while you visit this temple, you would surely note the entourage of five Garudas supported on pillars on the backs of turtles. This is the only place where one would see four Garudas standing back to back in a row. However, the nearest one seems like a devotee rather than the Garuda as in the Dattatraya temple. You can clearly recognize the human face in it. But there are wings too to call him human as well.

On the premises of Wakupati narayan temple

On the premises of Wakupati narayan temple. PC: bhaktapur.com/ Prashant Prajapati

Along with such mysterious creatures, there is an ancient stone tap inside the courtyard. Also, the stone scriptures of God and Goddesses. There is a statue of Lord Ganesha on the right side of the temple. Similarly, there is the Dasavatar of Lord Vishnu right behind the temple. You can have a guess recognising each of them while existing from that narrow space of the temple.

A huge mass of people visits the temple at Ekadashi besides, during the Nitya Puja. Each day, in the morn and on the eve, the Pujari of the temple performs daily worship. And the interesting fact is that to perceive that glimpse, the nearby people gather over there, especially the senior citizens. 

Within a while, you could see the gang of these older generations on the premises of this temple as if it’s their daily routine to be there. And of course, perceiving those glimpse really brings a smile to your face. Thus, It would be great if you could reach there in the evening, around 6 pm.

Also, there is a belief among the local denizens that if people sit in the courtyard while visiting the temple, the back pain is cured. It is like the blessing of God. So the people of Bhaktapur, still having that faith in it, sit at least once while visiting the temple, even if they are in a super hurry.


This, Wakupati Narayan temple is located in Suryamadi, Bhaktapur. While you take a walk from Dattatraya Square toward the east, you would find a way classic door on your right side just before reaching the Suryamadi Chowk. Hence, that classic door leads you to the courtyard of the temple.

This temple is unique because of the belief that a little rest in this place could cure back pain. Also, there are more than an image of Garuda on the premises of this temple which is quite rare to witness in the entire valley.

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