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Wane layaku of Dattatraya Square is very well hidden from the outside world. This layaku complex lies in the southwest corner of the Dattatraya temple. You need to go a little further from the rows of the restaurants to reach over there. Probably, that’s why it was never known to the world before.

However, this little complex is an important place from the point of view of history, culture, architecture and religion. As per the local anecdotes, the Taleju was first placed and worshipped over here. Later, it was transferred to the current Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Besides, this place is assumed one of the holiest places in Bhaktapur. No meat or sacrifice was ever allowed over here.

Also, during Dashain or the Mohni festival, there is a tradition of displaying a water clock in this Wane Layaku. Wane layaku, on the other hand literally means the eastern palace area. Here, wane means the east and layaku means palace or an important office area in the Nepal Bhasa. So, it actually makes sense, the naming of this place.

The complex, till today consists of the Wane Layaku itself (the Devagriha). It is made in the traditional Newa Agam Architectural style with the beautiful windows of the Malla era. The struts of this Devagriha are also carved with the beautiful figures of different deities.

It is said that there is a statue of Tulaja Bhawani in this Devagriha. With that, there is a Jaladroni (water tank) made in N.S. 770 and a plant, actually a tree in this complex. 

Many of you might have this thought that why even a tree is mentioned in this post. Yes, this tree is mentioned over here because it witnessed a large history and beheld a belief. It is said that the tree is as old as the Agam Chhen itself and it never needed any care to grow this large.

Moreover, there is one more tenet about this complex. Believe it or not, the rumours say that in this complex, no grass has ever grown till today. However, the roof seems exception in this case.


The Wane Layaku is a newari word which means the eastern palace or an administrative location.

It is located in one of the southern courtyards of Dattatraya Square, Bhaktapur.

Wane Layaku is said to be the specific place where, for the first time, Goddess Tulaja Bhawani was placed. Thus, it is still known as the initial Agam chhen of Tulaja Bhawani.

Well, there is no exact date mentioned for its establishment.

Well, the place is quite hidden from the main Dattatraya Square. Therefore, you have to enter one of the southern courtyards to reach this place. Simply put, enter the very first courtyard you find from the Dattatraya temple leading toward the south, and there you will find this wane layaku.

Yes, during Dashain or the Mohni festival, a tradition of displaying a water clock happens in this Wane Layaku.


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