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Cycle Connect Bhaktapur is an active community of cycle enthusiasts from Bhaktapur. Cycle Connect Bhaktapur is organizing various events and programs with the main motto of “Pedestrian and Pedal Friendly City”. Unlike other traditional organizations, Cycle Connect Bhaktapur has a very novel approach of conducting events so as to ensure the proactive participation of all who connect with it.

There was no organizational structure whatsoever at the beginning of Cycle Connect Bhaktapur- it started as a hobby group and continued in the same way for some months. But the interest and enthusiasm to convert this hobby into something worthy had already begun. And to realize the potential and bring that into shape, an open mass meeting was held on September 4, 2021 (Bhadra 19, 2078) among cycle enthusiasts of Bhaktapur at Vajra Hotel and Restaurant, Durbar Square, Bhaktapur. After major brainstorming and review of activities till date, the first committee of Cycle Connect Bhaktapur was formed with a five-member Advisory Committee and 11-member Executive Committee. Innovation and Proactive Culture, Discipline and Growth & Collaborative Mindset were set as Core Values with the mission to add value to the age-old heritage city of Bhaktapur by developing an enhanced cycling culture under a sustainable framework.

After the annual event kora challenge (July 17, 2021) – organized independently by Cycle Connect Bhaktapur, we have already connected with more than 190 cycle enthusiasts from and around Bhaktapur and successfully organized more than 40 small and big cycling events. Our first mid-year review program was organized on Chaitra 5, 2078 and with innovative minds, very new games especially for cycling groups – Musical Cycling and Cycle Carrying Race- were developed by Cycle Connect Bhaktapur.

Now, Cycle Connect Bhaktapur plans to organize a new form of activity to boost the cycling culture. On the occasion of Nepali New Year 2079, Cycle Connect Bhaktapur is conducting 21 Days Cycling Challenge (#CycleConnectNewYearChallenge).

21 Days Cycling Challenge 2080 

Have you heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to develop a lifestyle change? Well, Cycle Connect Bhaktapur has taken that idea and is organizing the 21 Days Cycling Challenge on the occasion of the new year 2080. It’s a fantastic opportunity to kickstart the new year with a positive attitude and healthy goals. This challenge was also organized last year on the occasion of New Year 2079 and was a grand success overloaded with excitement and thrill. Cycling is a one-fits-all activity that can bring positive changes on a personal level and have large-scale solutions for various hazards that the world is facing, such as energy overconsumption, pollution, roadblocks, greenhouse effects, and more. It’s linked with the 11 Sustainable Development Goals, making it an essential element of development strategies. The 21 Days Cycling Challenge aims to connect personal development goals with broader societal goals by fostering a sense of achievement and personal growth through cycling. It’s not a competition, but there are attractive prizes for the top participants. However, the primary objective is to challenge oneself and develop a desire to achieve something through cycling. So, whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, Cycle Connect Bhaktapur’s 21 Days Cycling Challenge is an excellent opportunity to develop healthy habits and make a positive change in your lifestyle.

#cycleconnectnewyearchallenge2080 #21dayscyclingchallenge

Who can participate in this Challenge?

  • Anyone who knows how to cycle and currently living in Bhaktapur District (Bhaktapur Municipality, Suryabinayak Municipality, Madhyapur Thimi Municipality and Changunarayan Municipality) can register for participation.
  • Currently, the challenge is limited to Bhaktapur district only, due to management boundaries.
  • Participants from last year who have won any kind of gift hamper are not eligible to participate in this year’s challenge.

How to Participate in this Challenge?

  • To take part in this challenge, participants should register via Google form
  • The Participation Fee is Rs.750 (non-refundable) – This participation fee is to develop the commitment within oneself.
  • Participants must follow Cycle Connect Bhaktapur (anyone)

Facebook Page

Instagram Page

or Tiktok

Participants must join Cycle Connect Bhaktapur Strava Club (

  • Participants must follow our title sponsor’s Facebook page

Pancbike ( )

Juju Bikes  ( )

Rules of the Challenge

  • After filling up the form and following all the rules of registration, valid registrations will receive an email to confirm the participation
  • The challenge will begin from New Year Day Baishak 1, 2079 and end on Baishak 21, 2079
  • Participants must cycle at least 2km per day
  • There is no upper limit for cycling distance per day
  • Participants must register the activity in Strava and share it with “Cycle Connect Bhaktapur” Strava Club.
  • Strava activity along with cycling selfies (at least 3)  for each day should be shared as posts on Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok (any one or all). Make the post public. This is very important as this will be the medium of verification for valid challenge entry.
  • Cycling round and round on some closed boundary for more than one lap will be considered invalid. 
  • Tag Cycle Connect Bhaktapur (@cycleconnect.bhaktapur) and Copy and paste the following Hashtag with every challenge post

#CycleConnectNewYearChallenge #21DaysCyclingChallenge #CycleConnectBhaktapur #cyclecitybhaktapur #jujubikes #pancbike #Day(1,2,…21)

  • After verifying the valid entry, the points table will be updated the next day with all the challengers.
  • The decision made by the ranking committee under Cycle Connect Bhaktapur for valid entry verification will be final and all participants must agree to it.
  • !!!ALERT!!! Participants should not delete the photos taken during the ride from the mobile till the end of the challenge, just in case there are any discrepancies and need for verification.
  • We will organize “Boost Up” Challenges on Midweek or Weekend which is not mandatory for all participants. Boost Up Challenge will be going to certain locations as announced during the challenge period. Sometimes the challenge will be timed as well.
  • In case of any misunderstandings, the decision made by Cycle Connect Bhaktapur will be the final decision

Ranking Rules

  1. For a valid entry on an everyday challenge following all rules and verified by the ranking committee, all successful challengers will gain +100 points each.
  2. One challenger with the longest cycled distance for a day will be provided +100 points and one challenger with the highest elevation gain will get +100 points. If the same challenger has the highest distance and highest elevation gain then s/he will get +100+100 i.e. +200 points. For example, if ABC completes the challenge of the day s/he will get 100 points. If ABC becomes the longest cycling challenger then s/he will get 200 points and if ABC becomes longest and highest cycling challenger then s/he will get total 300 points for the day.
  3. 100 points will be deducted if the challenger misses to complete the challenge any day.
  4. At the end of the 21st day, the challenger with the most consistent distance (least variance and higher mean) will be provided +500 points
  5. All the challengers who complete “Boost Up Challenges” will gain +100 points each.
  6. All the points will be summed and challengers will be ranked accordingly.


  • Our grand prize is PancCustom MTB worth Rs 35000.
  • Lots of gift hampers and prizes for various categories

Event Details

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