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Hotels In Bhaktapur [81 available]

Hotel View Bhaktapur image

Hotel View Bhaktapur

Hotel Country Villa image

Hotel Country Villa

Shiva Guest House image

Shiva Guest House

Hotel Heritage image

Hotel Heritage

Ajima Guest House image

Ajima Guest House

  • +97716619362

  • Ichhu Tole, Durbar Square, Ichhu Galli, 44800
Unique Guest House image

Unique Guest House

  • 01-6611575

  • Way to peacock window -1, Bhaktapur 44800
Nag Pukhu Guest House image

Nag Pukhu Guest House

Hotel Bhadgaun image

Hotel Bhadgaun

Atithi House image

Atithi House

Bhaktapur Home image

Bhaktapur Home

  • Kwachhen 05, Bhaktapur
City Guest House image

City Guest House

Nepa Guest House image

Nepa Guest House

Siddhi Laxmi Guest House image

Siddhi Laxmi Guest House

Newa Guest House image

Newa Guest House

Make comparisons and book your favorite hotels in Bhaktapur. We made it quite easier for you by listing them all in advance. Hotels are meant for a comfortable stay so let it stand.

You can find each kind of hotel as per your requirements in Bhaktapur. And this page particularly gives you information about the best hotels and guest houses in Bhaktapur. It includes high-class luxurious hotels to budgeted lodges. Some of them also provide you with money exchange services. Moreover, you could also find homestays in Bhaktapur with some typical newari families.

Hotels within the Bhaktapur Nagara have a stronger cultural accent and architecture, whilst hotels and resorts located beyond the Nagara (such as in Nagarkot and Ranikot) have the best naturalistic settings. Resorts in Bhaktapur are most likely to be found at higher elevations, in surrounding hill stations. In any case, you will not be sorry if you stay any night in Bhaktapur and experience Bhaktapur accommodation.

Enjoy your holiday!

Regardless, you can also check on the following blog post that can make your stay wiser and easier. And consider at least the following things before booking a hotel in Bhaktapur.

  • Location
  • Price
  • Amenities
  • Room size and layout
  • Safety and Security
  • Accessibility
  • And Reviews

Best hotels around Bhaktapur Durbar Square