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Hotels In Bhaktapur [78 available]

Shiva Guest House image

Shiva Guest House

Ajima Guest House image

Ajima Guest House

  • +97716619362

  • Ichhu Tole, Durbar Square, Ichhu Galli, 44800
Unique Guest House image

Unique Guest House

  • 01-6611575

  • Way to peacock window -1, Bhaktapur 44800
Nag Pukhu Guest House image

Nag Pukhu Guest House

Hotel Bhadgaun image

Hotel Bhadgaun

Atithi House image

Atithi House

Bhaktapur Home image

Bhaktapur Home

  • Kwachhen 05, Bhaktapur
City Guest House image

City Guest House